How to use CYACÊLLE

When should I use CYACÊLLE polychromatic solar protection?

Our polychromatic solar protection has been designed for everyday use. You are exposed to skin-damaging UV and HEV radiation on a daily basis. These wavelengths of light can penetrate clouds and windows, making daily solar protection essential for maintaining good skin health.

How should I use CYACÊLLE?

Apply CYACÊLLE generously and evenly to your face and body 20 minutes before going outdoors. This sun protection can be applied to face, body, lips, scalp and hairline. Due to the high concentration of active ingredients in this product, staining may occur if it comes into contact with clothing.

How much product do I need to apply?

We tested CYACÊLLE under clinical conditions, applying 2 mg per cm2 of skin. This equates to roughly one teaspoon for each part of your body, or seven teaspoons for the whole body. Using less than the recommended amount significantly reduces the level of protection.

How often do I have to reapply?

To ensure your skin
is fully protected, reapply CYACÊLLE at least every two hours, especially after
sweating, swimming or towelling. After solar exposure, CLINUVEL recommends
checking your skin frequently for redness or signs of sunburn.

Should I apply CYACÊLLE before or after makeup?

Your first application of CYACÊLLE should be after moisturising, but prior to putting on makeup. To top up throughout the day, you can reapply CYACÊLLE over makeup. To remove the product, we recommend using an oil-based cleanser.

How to use CYACÊLLE Radiant

When should I apply CYACÊLLE Radiant?

Ultraviolet rays are the single biggest cause of premature ageing. To preserve your skin’s youthful appearance, CLINUVEL designed CYACÊLLE Radiant for daily wear. Smooth over your face, neck and décolletage at least 20 minutes before solar exposure. For enriched, protected skin, CYACÊLLE Radiant works best as the final step in your skincare routine.

How much CYACÊLLE Radiant should I apply?

For maximum radiance, smooth CYACÊLLE Radiant generously over your face, neck and décolletage. We tested this solar protection according to EU guidelines (2 mg/cm2). Using larger amounts will ensure you receive maximum protection.

How long does CYACÊLLE Radiant protect me from the sun?

CLINUVEL recommends reapplying every two hours, particularly if you have been swimming or sweating. Although CYACÊLLE Radiant delivers the highest standard of protection, CLINUVEL advises seeking shade during the hottest part of the day, as over-exposure to the sun is a serious health risk. Babies and young children must be kept out of direct sunlight.

Is CYACÊLLE Radiant a vegan suncream?

Yes. CLINUVEL is proud to say that CYACÊLLE Radiant is suitable for vegans, derived predominantly from sustainably-sourced plants. CLINUVEL’s cosmetic products are mindfully formulated to minimise their impact on the planet.

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